Environment Friendly and Economical Systems
With high strength, low weight, durability and design flexibility.
Stylish and original designs

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Our mission

The latest technology in communities to ease and enrich our customers' lives...

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ROCKTAS pioneered developments in the industry of renewable composite products...

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Our mission

By continually improving our product and service quality, we are able to offer products and services solutions...

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Our vision

Thinking about providing service in a safe and high quality environment that is in line with world standards...

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Our values

We believe that our customers are the focus of our pursuit of high quality...

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Eco Friendly

ROCKTAS believes in innovation. We invested in Research and Development and...

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Our Strategic Priorities

To create patented cutting-edge technologies to increase our competitive power...

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About us

It is more important for my children to have a sustainable future than profitability...

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Why us?


Rocktas are water resistant.

Customer happiness

As Rocktas Building Materials, we are pleased to serve customers everywhere that we can afford

Reasonable price

The most suitable prices for your business and your home with all the best prices.


More practical, more robust, cheaper

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Customer comments

I really liked your quality product service at a level that meets your expectations and timely deliveries. Ahmet Küçük

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Customer comments

I would like to express my satisfaction with your service because of your quality and reliable service understanding. Burak Saycı

Presentation Gozatin

Presentation Gozatin

We believe in innovation. We have invested in Research and Development and will continue to do so.


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Everything is now possible with ROCKTAS composite construction technologies...

New Technologies and Intelligent Solutions

We are constantly struggling to produce more robust, more practical, more environmentally friendly and cheaper solutions to our customers every day with our research and development department working with expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment, always pursuing the "More" principle.

50% less construction cost

80% less construction time

Lower electricity billing

A clean and quiet construction site

Our property

Rocktas Compared to existing materials such as concrete, steel and wood, Composite Materials are stronger, more resistant to corrosion than metal and concrete ...

It is thinner than concrete, steel, aluminum and bricks, thus reducing transportation costs and less heavy material used during assembly.

They are lighter, allowing you to move more comfortably on the floor.

Easy installation at a low cost and higher level of thermal insulation. Rocktas offers more flexible building designs and complex formal designs than classic concrete technology.

Information about Composite

The product obtained by reinforcing thermosetting or thermoplastic resins with resin additive materials, fiber reinforcements (glass, cargos, aramid, etc.) or fillers and curing this mixture as a result of a certain process is called composite. For this reason reinforced plastics and composite terms are synonymous.

CTP is a composite material composed of unsaturated polyester which is reinforced with glass fiber to increase its physical strength values. CTP is a production material such as wood, concrete, metal, glass and so on. It is superior to other production materials by its ability to easily acquire various properties suitable for its usage purpose.

CTP Glossy is an abbreviation in Turkish consisting of the initials of reinforced plastic words. Some examples of this concept expressed in similar abbreviations in foreign countries are given below.

In America, GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

UK FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic)

French PRFV (Plastique Renforce de Fibre de Verre)

Almanyada GFK (Glasfaser Kunstsoffe)

In Italy, PRFV (Plastici Rinforzati di Fibro di Vetro)



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